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The Heart's Playbook B.O.X.

The Heart's Playbook B.O.X.

SKU: 7960936339071

Unveiling The Heart's Playbook B.O.X. – a radiant beacon of love and support in the battle against CHD (Congenital Heart Defects). This exquisite box is a tangible representation of a heartfelt story. Crafted from a page in the book penned by the Blackhawk's player's daughter, the design features her courageous heart sailing on a paper boat across serene waters, the boat itself composed of a touching letter she wrote.


By choosing The Heart's Playbook B.O.X., you're not only acquiring a beautifully crafted package; you're contributing to a cause that touches hearts and transforms lives. Join us in spreading love and awareness for CHD, one B.O.X. at a time.


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