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Welcome to Creatively Cutz! I'm JD Hecht, the driving force behind this creative endeavor. Let me take you back to where it all began – the heart of the pandemic. Stuck indoors and feeling the walls close in, I was on a quest to find an outlet for my creativity, something that could anchor my sanity in those uncertain times. That's when I stumbled upon a pair of forgotten companions – my Cricket and Silhouette machines – buried amidst the clutter of my office.


As I sifted through online inspiration, one particular item caught my eye – a mesmerizing shadow box. The interplay of light and form within its depths fascinated me. That initial intrigue led me down a rabbit hole of exploration. I acquired a template, deconstructed it, and painstakingly reconstructed it, learning the intricacies of its assembly. Little did I know that this journey was helping me battle my own moments of darkness.


Amidst a cloud of melancholy, I poured my heart into crafting my first B.O.X.. It might have been born from a place of emotional unrest, but to this day, that piece remains a cherished emblem of my resilience. It reminds me that even in the toughest times, beauty and creativity can emerge.

The turning point came when I stumbled upon an adult coloring page featuring a lone girl walking through rain-drenched streets. With layers of imagination, I began constructing her world inside my dimensional canvas. Each layer I added breathed life into her realm, both in my mind and on paper. The more I built, the more my excitement grew. In a surprising burst of creativity during a brief work trip to DC, I brought fifteen new layered worlds to life in just four days.


Sharing my creations on social media, I was overwhelmed by the positive response. People resonated with my dimensional artistry, and requests started pouring in. Initially, these worlds were my personal refuge, a way to channel my emotions. But soon, they took on a life of their own.


From humble beginnings, my collection grew to over forty-five unique designs, each holding a piece of my heart. Requests for custom pieces flooded in, and I knew it was time to venture beyond my comfort zone. With encouragement from friends and supporters, I ventured into the world of online sales, giving birth to Creatively Paper on Etsy.


Life eventually swung back towards normalcy, and my professional commitments took precedence once again. Yet, the passion for crafting these intricate dimensional canvases never waned. Today, they are not just a pastime, but an embodiment of my journey through personal challenges and triumphs.


So, welcome to Creatively Cutz, where layers of imagination intertwine to create art that resonates with the soul. Join me on this artistic expedition, where each B.O.X. (Beyond Ordinary eXpression) encapsulates a world of emotions and stories waiting to be discovered.

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